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Drowning, rescuing myself

Drowning, rescuing myself


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I was drowning. That was the truth. Trying to understand why everything ended the way it did. We loved us, that was for sure.
But love wasn’t enough, even though I refused thinking that way.
Life, how would it be now? Now that you are no longer here, next to me. Now that I cannot recognize the person I see in my own reflection. It feels like if I woke up from a dream, the most precious one, the most enlightening one, the one in a lie dream, the one that just woke me and transformed me into ashes, leaving me thrown there, at the filthiest floor.

It has been a long journey reaching this port, if I can be honest at times I wasn’t even the captain of this ship, of my own dreams, of my whole life. How can I get to repair everything after drowning for months?…

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